Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Apple crumbles

IOoWI was all frustrated on the way home from school in the morning because I didn't get to sell Apple crumbles on  Monday because of my head in the middle of class mum picked me up to go to the doctors and when I came back to school mum talked to joy and joy said I had to go home because the doctor said it was best for me.

So when I was walking to the car I was sad and  frustrated that I had to go home and not sale the Apple crumbles on Monday,Tuesday or wendsday.I had been so excited to sell them and then my luck died  down and ended as an go home and get better so I went home and stayed home. 

I missed saleing and cooking the Apple crumbles. On Tuesday I went to pick Camden up and when I went to pick him up I saw them saleing lots of Apple crumbles and joy said if I was feeling well enough I could go and sale some Apple crumbles on wendsday. I was so excited to be able to sale them but unfortunately it didn't happen when we were going to pick him up we were late so we went in the car and then I went to wait at the corner for him.

Then dropped him off at dancing and then went back to my boring day at home. On Monday Tuesday and Wednesday I was sort of bored because I had no play grind no friends all I had was tv,a little brother that wanted to play trains and a lot of toys and games so I was a little bored. But when I came back to school I was so happy and not bord now I am not frustrated not to excited I'm happy.

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